This page contains links to Bible lessons on-going or we've had in the past that are hopefully beneficial to you.


Sunday Morning Bible Class (Starting July 2, 2023)

Art Booth will be teaching on TYPEs and ANTITYPEs. Files below will be relevant to his lessons and you are welcomed to download and edit for your personal use.



> Lessons from 1 Peter 3:15 Getting ready to defend our hope, April/May 2021, Art Booth

Lesson 5 Outline            (PDF)

Lesson 4 Outline            (PDF)

Lesson 3 Outline            (PDF)

Lesson 2 Outline            (PDF)

Lesson 1 Outline            (PDF)



> In 2019, we had two topics that focused on the Billings church.  One was on worship, and the second was on "We are family." Audio and notes from the class are found here.



> In 2015, we held a class focused on same sex attraction. Audio and notes are found here: Same Sex Attraction Audio Lessons.

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