General building use:

Members are encouraged to use the building for God honoring activities.  Members are responsible for ensuring the building is clean and in the same state after use as prior to use.  Any use of the building by non-members must be pre-approved in writing by a pastor (aka: elder/shepherd).


Building use for wedding / marriage ceremonies:

The church may decline to make its facilities, ministers or pastors available for any wedding if it is determined that one or both of the parties are not biblically and/or legally qualified to marry. Such determinations may be made by the pastor or minister on an individual basis if they are asked to perform a ceremony.  Church buildings are private property and are subject to First Amendment protections to our congregation’s religious beliefs.


Insurance requirements

For building use outside of our normal fellowship and worship events, we may require that the group using the building obtain insurance and name us as an additional insured party.  Examples of normal fellowship events are pot-luck luncheons following worship, a memorial service and a wedding / wedding reception.

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